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US Water Revolution

10 months of extensive research into the most jealously guarded governmental secrets have led me to one dramatic conclusion: by the order of a “superior” power, tens of millions of us are to be “disposed” of.

The wheels of this apocalyptic plot have been set in motion years ago.

But the effects are only just showing.

In fact, it was Senator Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael, who first unearthed this wretched conspiracy.

I have no doubt the facts I’m about to reveal will cause a massive tsunami within our government and some serious heads will fall as a result.

It’s why I hope you’ll understand why I choose not to reveal my true identity.

What I am going to tell you is this: as an independent investigator, I made it my mission to debunk the “climate change” agenda.

To me, and to millions of others, this was nothing but a manufactured “crisis”.

We needed a distraction – something to make us turn our head the other way – while ignoring the true disasters caused by the elites.

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