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This offer is special for findiscounts Visitors. You can get The Money In Your Mind $197 instead of paying the full price of $397, You will SAVE  $200. Click on the Redeem button above to do so!

Why The Rich REALLY Keep Getting Richer

And How YOU Can Cash In On Their Secret To Get As Much Money As You Want…
Now and Forever!

In just 15 days (watching only one video a day), you will be well on your way to REAL, lasting wealth.  Imagine what it’s like when you…

Always have enough money!
Overcome every emotional obstacle to wealth!
Wake up your Inner Financial Genius!
Make money while you sleep!
Create real “money machines!”
Leave the “time-money” trap behind – forever!

Become rich no matter what your current income is!
Enjoy lifelong financial freedom!
Start “Abundance Thinking” that works in the REAL world!
Easily adopt the Wealth Mindset!
Keep getting richer – in ANY economy!


In addition, I based this training on in-depth, detailed real-world knowledge:

  • What I observed over the years working with self-made millionaires in many different fields
  • What I learned as a financial lawyer putting together Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in international banking
  • What I have done myself with my business partner Cliff, building a fast-growing international training organization in only a few years
  • What I have learned that really works, coaching Fortune 500 executives as well as entrepreneurs who have vastly improved their finances based on my guidance.

25 Hours Of Life-Changing Material

The Money in Your Mind: How The Rich Keep Getting Richer, And How You Can, Too is one of the most comprehensive and life-changing trainings I’ve ever created:

  • First, you get 16 hours of video on 15 professionally filmed and edited DVDs
  • Then you get 8 mindset-strengthening MEME CDs – that’s 8 additional hours of life-changing audio you can use anytime you want.
  • Finally, you get a one-hour quick-start CD to help you get the most out of the training.

That’s a total of 24 sessions. You can watch one DVD per day (most are 60 to 80 minutes) and complete the entire training in just 15 days!

But if you’re like most people, you will feel the internal changes, and notice positive changes in the real world, much sooner than that!

A Special Offer
To “Early Birds” ONLY

When I originally gave this training in December in the Bahamas, it was valued at $9,997.00.  Those who took the training then agreed it was worth that much – except a few financially savvy participants who took me aside and privately told me it was worth much more.


They said it was because I disclosed material they knew for a fact is otherwise only available in very exclusive and private circumstances:  in wealthy families… from “insider” wealth advisors… and from self-made millionaires (and billionaires) who have little reason to share these secrets with the public at large.

So, with that in mind, my business partner Cliff and I decided $997 would be a fair price for this training.

But I wasn’t happy with that. I stewed on it for a couple days.

I came back to Cliff with 3 reasons we should offer this program for even less:

  • Many people are now just starting to recover from very challenging economic times.  There are a lot of people who need this information and simply can’t afford the reasonable but high $997 pricetag.
  • We have plans in the near future to offer this to a much larger market of people, where our marketing costs will be – frankly – a lot higher. That will require us to raise the price in order to make a profit.  For the moment, however, we are pleased to be able to offer this to you on the Web for considerably less.
  • This program has what it takes to help thousands – perhaps even millions – of deserving and interested people. Far beyond people who are on our Internet mailing list. But in order to convince those other people that this program is as good as we know it is, we will need testimonials.

So Cliff relented. He saw the reason in what I was saying.

But Cliff came back with a condition: He agreed to a reduced price during this special “early-bird” Web promotion if you agree to send us a testimonial after you review the training.

An honest one.  Whatever you think. I hope you like the program. Of course, I think you’ll love it. But I want to hear from you in any case.

Now for the good news: You can have this program sent to you for only $397, that’s a 60% discount off the retail price because this is an introductory offer..

Free shipping in the USA. Or discounted international shipping of just $29.97 worldwide.

You Don’t Risk a Thing Because You’re Fully Protected
By Our 60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee

I want to earn your trust and that’s why I’m happy to offer a no-nonsense refund
policy with an unconditional 60-day risk-free guarantee.

Go ahead and take advantage of this limited time offer today. See for yourself how powerful it is for helping you become richer quickly and MUCH richer down the road!

If for any reason you’re not thrilled with your decision to try out The Money In Your Mind contact our friendly customer support within 60 days and send the program back for a prompt and courteous refund.  It’s that simple.

And the 60 day guarantee doesn’t start until we ship the program to you either.

The bottom line: You risk nothing to test-drive this amazing, life-changing system in the comfort of your own home.




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