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To fly in peace…with complete and total comfort
and confidence, I’m convinced you only need to do two things

First, you need to trust the plane and the people who work in aviation so you don’t need to concern yourself with the plane crashing or wonder how the heck that huge airplane stays up there.

Second, and maybe more importantly, you need to know how to control your feelings and reaction so you remain comfortable and in control on board the airplane.

If you can do BOTH of those things, I don’t think you’ll EVER be afraid on a plane again. In fact, you may even start to LIKE flying, just like I do now.

I found that most books and programs
only address a small portion of your fear.

To overcome your anxiety while flying,
you need to address the WHOLE problem.

Even in the rare chance that you stumble across a technique or skill that helps you relax a little more on board the plane, that’s still only half the battle.

I know from personal experience that some of the worst anxiety about flying is during the days and weeks BEFORE the flight!

And don’t get me started on programs that try to teach you to “cope” with your anxiety…

I don’t want you to learn to “cope” with your inappropriate feelings of anxiety about flying….I want them GONE.

I mean really, if you have a toothache and went to the dentist and they suggested meditating or positive thinking to “cope” with the pain, you’d find a new dentist!

You want the anxiety gone, just like you would a toothache, and I don’t blame you. There’s no reason to “cope” with anxiety while flying or to learn to live with it when instead you can put it out of your life permanently. So when you hear the words “cope” and “fear” put together….run the other way.

Since I conquered my fears and anxiety, I’ve devoted my life to helping others do the same. My books and programs have been used successfully by literally thousands of individuals all over the world, they’ve been on CNN, MSNBC, Discovery Health channel, and more. You may have read about them in Natural Health or Psychology Today magazines, or even learned about them from a seat mate on a flight.

They are some of the most trusted and widely used products available for changing your life, and I decided I wanted to take what I knew from my own experience with conquering my flying anxiety and assemble the ultimate resource for overcoming the fear of flying available anywhere. It’s called the Takeoff Today program:


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