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“Discover The Secret Strategies That Are Proven To Make More Final Tables, Win More SitNGos, and Extract More Cash From Ring Games!”

Finally… Even “Average” Poker Players Can Boost Their Bankroll, Make More Cash, And Establish A Pro Status Using Our Insider Secrets That’s Taken Us A Combined 19 Years To Master!


Bryan Micon’s

Featuring Brett ‘Gank’ Jungblut

This is truly a one-of-kind, jam-packed ‘poker strategy’ course. It comes complete with videos and audio lessons.

  • Learn step-by-step how to get maximum value from your poker game!
  • Insider pro strategies that give you a competitive edge!
  • Easy-to-understand yet powerful tactics!

Inside you’ll discover over 15+ hours of audio and video lessons on proper Bankroll Management, generating consistent profits at Cash Games, dominating Sit and Go Tournaments, and Advanced Tournament Strategies!

Section one: Bankroll Management

Managing your bankroll is perhaps one of the most misunderstood and yet critically-important aspect of the game. I’d say 80% of today’s players have no clue how to manage a bankroll.

I’m going to show you how to master bankroll management so your roll grows and grows…

Audio Length: (2 hours 23 minutes) Instructor: Bryan Micon

  • The jealously-guarded secrets of how the pros manage their bankrolls.

  • A simple technique you can use to build your bankroll automatically while you’re at the tables!
  • Discover how tracking your results can help you.
  • How ‘table time’ impacts the size of your bankroll.
  • The A-B-C formula for raising and dropping limits.
  • How to improve your odds for not busting your bankroll by 95%
  • Discover the #1 reason why people constantly bust their roll and how to avoid it!
  • Various points that you absolutely MUST know before taking your shot at high stakes games.
  • The big “ah-ha” strategy to build your roll! I reveal exactly how I build
    my bankroll when it’s below my “convert zone”
  • The ONE SECRET that’s crucial to every poker players roll!
  • A simple trick to build your bankroll at the lower limits.
  • A quick fix, fool-proof method for letting your results tell you what limits you should be playing.

Section Two: Limit / No Limit Ring (Cash) Games

Cash games are the bread and butter of every pro player, and how most pros make a living at poker every day. Profiting *big* at cash games takes a very different approach from tournament play. By combining proper cash game play with tournaments, your bankroll will soar to new heights you never thought possible!

Audio Length: (4 hours 9 minutes) Instructor: Bryan Micon

  • Learn the two critical styles you must master to become a dominant cash game player.
  • The pro-level secret of the ‘type’ of players to avoid! Learn this and you’ll be miles ahead of the competition!
  • A fool proof tactic that will save you tons of cash before you commit your chips
  • Discover exactly how you should play at all stages of your sessions.
  • Aces and Kings – How do you play from early position with big hands?
  • Play queens from early position straight up – Risk equity?
  • Throwing away big hands is difficult, but I teach you when to hold and when to fold!
  • Flop texture is key. I’ll paint the patterns for you… Bet, check, or fold.
  • Learn the devious method of “hybrid styling” – and use it to keep your opponents off guard!
  • The Post oak bluff – I learned this one from Doyle and I’m going to show you how to use this strategy.
  • How to avoid the ‘image theory’ and keep your opponent guessing.
  • When to go against fundamental poker play.

Section Three: Sit-N-Go Domination

In today’s online world, winning sit and go tournaments consistently is a quick way to build your bankroll. The predictable format of these tournaments is like watching the same set of movies over and over again – pretty soon, you know what’s coming next. When properly armed and prepared, you’ll soon dominate the sit and go tables!

Audio Length: (5 hours 12 minutes) Instructor: Bryan Micon

  • Why “Sit and Go” games are awesome bank roll builders.

  • Why you don’t necessarily want to play high limit “Sit and Go” games.
  • Why observation is one of the most important traits you need to develop as a player, especially when you know what to look for.
  • How you can spot the unskilled players and use them to your advantage.
  • Learn how the Sit and Go changes as players are eliminated, and how your strategy should change with each player’s elimination.
  • Ways that other players will predictably fail, and how to leverage that to your advantage!
  • Why you shouldn’t expect to win any big hands early in a “Sit and Go” game.
  • When and why you should probably fold an Ace / Queen hand early in the game.
  • Why you should play “Sit and Go” tournaments more conservatively early, and gradually get more aggressive as the game goes on.
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to bet the river.
  • When you know that you’re beat on the turn.
  • Why you should NEVER, EVER blind out in a Sit and Go, and how not to again!
  • Why going all-in and stealing blinds in Sit and Go’s is the name of the game.
  • The difference between pushing from the big blind and the small blind, and when you should do each.
  • When you should introduce the Stop and Go play into a Sit and Go situation.
  • Why you should fold on almost EVERY hand in the early portion of a Sit and Go.
  • How your playing strategy should change depending on what position of the table you happen to be sitting at.
  • Why five-handed Sit and Go presents unique opportunities for stealing that you should definitely capitalize on.
  • The difference between Sit and Go’s and multi-table tournaments, and how you should modify your strategy for each.
  • How your Sit and Go strategy should immediately change as you get down to a four-handed game.
  • The part of Sit and Go games that most players always screw up on, and how you can avoid the most common pitfalls.
  • The reason why you should NOT be playing for first place in a four-handed Sit and Go!
  • How to make sure that you are stealing “smartly”.
  • What exactly do I mean by “Fold Equity”, and how you can use this principal to your advantage.
  • A simple mathematical formula, called “Pot Odds”, that you can use to determine how to react to your opponents strategy.
  • When you should definitely start going all in on every hand during a Sit and Go.
  • The exact moment to start using the “Knock Out Play” to begin removing players from the game.
  • How to recognize must-call situations.
  • When to call and when to fold with the same hand (depending on what position of the table you’re sitting at).
  • Listen in as Bryan actually talks players through their games, imparting invaluable advice along the way.
  • Why the first player is usually eliminated from a Sit and Go within the first five minutes, and how you can avoid this situation.
  • How to pick up on some of the telltale signs that your opponent is holding a winning hand.
  • Which hands you should definitely call off on, and which hands you should definitely fold, once you make it to three-handed Sit and Go.
  • How your strategy and play style should change depending on how many or how few chips you have left.
  • How to estimate your opponents relative skill level based on what he plays.
  • What constitutes a weak bet, and why you should avoid making them.
  • Some of the differences between Turbo Sit and Go and regular Sit and Go, and why you might play each.
  • When it’s a great time to call on the turn.
  • How to handle different situations once you’re in the bubble, and why bubble play is NOT the time to be courageous!
  • How to force someone to fold if they’re trying to steal your blind.
  • Learn several different winning strategies for playing Heads Up on a Sit and Go.
  • Why you should consistently min raise on Heads Up every time.

Section Four: Advanced Tournament Strategy

Multi-table tournaments provides you with the most “leverage” possible, since the field of players contributing their money to the pot is so large, and the number of players in the money is so limited. When you make it into the money in these tournaments, it really boosts your bankroll – and your confidence. I’m going to take you through multi-table tournament strategies the pros use today, soup to nuts.

If you’ve always wondered why those same few players are always making it to the final table, hold on to your seat – I’m going to tell you exactly why and how to do it!


3 Reasons You Will Dominate The Tables
Using Our Strategies!

Reason #1. Because You Will Be Learning From A Trusted Authority Figure On Poker

The strategies and ideas taught in my previous products have helped thousands of poker players improve there tournament results. I’m living proof! I parlayed A $27 Satellite tournament on Poker Stars Into a $164, 000 Cash Finish in The World Series of Poker in 2006!

eason #2. Because You Will Have Direct Access To Over 19 Years Worth of Winning Knowledge

Brett and I have been playing poker online and offline for a combined 19 years. I was playing online poker way before the poker boom! Plus Brett comes from a poker playing family.

Remember, you’re getting strategies from two guys that have won hundreds of thousands of dollars playing poker online and live.

Heck, we’ve both had major cashes in some major tournaments. Don’t forget Brett’s even a 2004 WSOP bracelet winner!

Reason #3. Because You Will Benefit From Proven Track Records of My Advice

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