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In this Long Tail Pro Review I outline why this is the tool that I use almost daily. I have looked at many a keyword research tool in the past but now, this is the one tool that I have open on my desktop all the time.

Long Tail Pro was created by Spencer Haws, an Internet marketer who has been making a living online for some time. The tool was ‘born’ out of Spencer’s own need for a faster keyword research tool that would allow him to do the type of analysis he wanted to do, in order to find long tail keywords for his sites.

My Own Long Tail Pro Review

This review of Long Tail Pro is based on my own long-time use of the tool.

It is a product that I have used, for some time, to do my own niche keyword research. As mentioned in other posts, I have tended to combine a couple of different tools for my keyword research analysis as some tools are stronger in certain areas than others and vice versa. The objective is to find keywords that have low competition so that you can hopefully rank higher up the search engine result pages more quickly.

I nearly always incorporate the free Google Keyword Research Tool (now called Keyword Planner) with one of my paid options; Keyword Planner because it is fast and provides a great starting point and the paid options in order to facilitate more in-depth analysis, My paid tools generally  provide me with more data than Google’s tool does at the moment, data such as in-depth keyword competitiveness.

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How to Use Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro consists of 3 different interlinking modules.

Keyword Research Module

  • You can enter seed keywords and then get the tool to generate hundreds of related terms.
    • Many other tools allow you to enter just 1 seed keyword.
    • It is very easy and very fast to enter your keywords here.
  • You can choose between broad, phrase or exact keyword match as a basis for finding search volumes.
    • When it comes to broad match vs phrase match vs exact match, I always prefer to go for exact match, personally. I find it gives you a much more realistic assessment of what you can expect by way of search volume to start off with, and then long tail phrases can springboard naturally from the selected exact match keywords.
  • You can opt to receive additional information.
    • That is, it allows you to see which exact match domain names (EMD) are available for each keyword phrase BUT I rarely ever used this option in the past and now, I don’t use it at all, particularly given Google’s algorithm update in which many EMD sites were penalized.
    • You can get title competition information. This I do use. I place a lot of importance on the title tag and how many of the top 10 sites are including the keyword in their title tag.
  • There are a number of filters that you can apply. For example:
    • You might be interested in phrases with 3 or more words (usually more competitive than just 1 word searches). The tool allows you to do this in a snap.
    • You can specify that you only want to see keywords with an exact search volume of more than 3,000 or some other figure that you choose.
    • You can enter the minimum CPC (Cost Per Click) figure, useful if you are considering using Adsense to monetize your site.
    • You can also use the filters to find out how many sites in the search results have included your seed keyword in their titles.
  • The tool includes a count of sites that have a particular phrase in its title.
  • There is an export facility so you can download your list of keywords into a spreadsheet for future use.


The Competitor Analysis Module in Long Tail Pro

  • The tool analyses the sites that are in the top 10 results for any given keyword. The output is very comprehensive and includes data such as:
    • page authority (very important)
    • age of site
    • page rank
    • number of backlinks (via SEOmoz)
    • number of links from educational sites (.edu)
    • etc.
  • This module is very fast.


Long Tail Pro’s Rank Checker Module

You can enter your site’s URL and then keywords that you are trying to rank for and get data back on the position of each search term.


Strengths & Weaknesses of Long Tail Pro

What I like about Long Tail Pro

When using this tool, I was already writing a Long Tail Pro review in my head because of the nifty features that I wanted to pass on.

In particular:

  • I like the fact that when you hold your mouse above an option in the interface, you get a tool tip providing a brief summary of what that option does.
  • The tool saves me a lot of time!
  • It is easy to toggle between the results and the settings page.
  • The competition module is very fast.
  • It doesn’t take very long to learn how to “drive it” and of course there are the instructional videos that you have access to.
    • There’s a handy link at the bottom of the screen that takes you to the instructional videos.
  • It is a one-off payment for Long Tail Pro
    • You always have the choice to upgrade to Long Tail Pro Platinum
  • It was immediately downloadable once I made my purchase.
  • You get ongoing updates for free.
  • You can submit requests (wish list) for feature inclusion in future versions.
  • There is a community of users so you can become part of this community when you start using the tool and thus see how others are using it and the results that they are enjoying.
  • It is a tool that is being used by its developer so as he thinks of other features he would like to include, he can just shoot off another update and we all benefit from his tool usage experience.


Improvements I Would Like to See in Long Tail Pro

As I have mentioned in other posts, I haven’t yet found just 1 tool that does everything so in each there is always some room for improvement.

  • Long Tail Pro can take a little while to come back with the long list of related terms. However, most tools do. Having said that, I have found it to be significantly faster if I don’t bother with finding EMDs and as you have seen, I no longer look at these anyway, at least not since the EMD algorithm update.
    • So the bottom line is, the more information you ask the tool to find, the longer it can take and that is simple logic, something to be expected.
    • I have found it to be very fast in returning search volume, average CPC (cost per click) and advertiser competition.
  • At the moment the Competition Module (which lists lots of information) does list the title that each site in the top 10 is using and bolds the words that match my seed keyword. However, I like to quickly count how many sites in the top 10 have not included the exact keyword in their title so a column dedicated to the title tag, with a summation at the bottom , would assist me greatly.

When You Get Long Tail Pro

Once you have purchased Long Tail Pro, you are provided with:

  • The Long Tail Pro download link and installation instructions
  • Access to 9 instructional videos that take you step by step through its various features. Each Long Tail Pro tutorial is very easy to follow.
    The videos cover

    1. How to install Long Tail Pro
    2. How to set up a new campaign
    3. How to use the include/exclude keywords feature
    4. How to get additional data
      • Global search volume
      • Domain information
      • Title competition
    5. How to use filters & defaults
    6. How to read the keyword results
    7. How to use the competitor analysis feature
    8. How to find low competition keywords using the competitor analysis
    9. How to use the rank checker
  • Ongoing updates.
  • The option to upgrade to Long Tail Pro Platinum. There are additional videos that help you get started with the all powerful Platinum version of Long Tail Pro:
    1. How to import multiple keywords
    2. How to work with favorites
    3. How to use avg KC (average Keyword Competitiveness)
    4. Understanding the average Keyword Competitiveness score (your avg KC score)

Each video in the Long tail Pro demo series is extremely easy to follow and you can return to replay required demos for additional help in the future.

Long Tail Pro vs Market Samurai

This is a question that crops up frequently. As a long time user of both of these tools, I am reasonably positioned to provide an answer.

  • Market Samurai has a number of modules and can be said to be more complex.  It probably has a steeper learning curve.
  • The time it takes to be up and running is short, by comparison, when it comes to using Long Tail Pro.
  • In each case, you can access tutorial videos.
  • The difference that has the biggest impact on my use of these tools is speed. I find Long Tail Pro very fast in returning its results. This is one of the main reasons that I am now using Long Tail Pro much more often than Market Samurai.

My 2 Cents Worth

At first, I thought I could do all of my keyword research with free tools and spent many, many hours looking for the best free tool that would do everything I wanted. But free is free which means that there is usually some value provided by these tools but they invariably come with limitations.

Of all the free tools I have tried, the one that I continue to use is Google’s Keyword Planner but, as mentioned, it doesn’t give me everything that I need, particularly with respect to competition.

So, after becoming very frustrated with how long my keyword research was taking me, I decided to invest in Spencer Haw’s Long Tail Pro keyword research software. And the word “investment” probably sums it up the best; it is an investment that has saved me a lot of time and a tool that I continue to use almost daily.

In fact, you can see how I used it, and continue to use it, for a niche site created some time ago. When first setting up this particular niche site, I made a number of errors in my initial keyword research. You can see how I started to salvage this site with the help of Long Tail Pro in particular, along with another tool that I continue to use.

But best of all, I was able to check competition using Long Tail Pro and then proceed to rank a keyword on page 1 of Google.

I know that Long Tail Pro is usually referred to as a tool for those building niche sites and, of course it is that, but I also use it for my keyword research for authority type sites, not just for niche sites.

I have been reading Spencer’s blog for some time now, definitely enough time to know that he is the real deal. I like how he is very transparent about his experiences online and I like the fact that this is a tool that he developed for his own needs.

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