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This special offer is for findiscounts’ Visitors. You can get  GMAT  Critical Reasoning Pill  in JUST $82 instead of paying the full price of $120. Yes you will get $38 off discount.

  • 60+ Hours of video instruction and video explanations
  • Access to all 6 pills: SC, CR, RC, PS, DS, and IR Pills
  • Full access to 500+ questions and explanations
  • Online error log book to track your progress
  • OG13 Tracker + Video walkthroughs
  • 24/7 Q&A support
  • Free lifetime upgrades on continual basis
  • Timed Practice CAT Test with timing statistics
  • Learn the GMATPill Study Method
        1. Learn core frameworks
        2. Apply the GMATPill Thought Process
      3. Practice with quizzes, platform, and OG


CR Pill
Critical Reasoning
Video Course

568 Minutes of OnDemand video

  • 10 Core CR Frameworks: 97 min
  • 7 CR Question types with detailed visualizations: 500+min
  • Access to older videos from older version of CR Pill (400+ min)

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