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This offer is special for findiscounts Visitors. You can get Forex Striker in JUST $59 instead of paying the full price of $97, You will SAVE  $88. Click on the Redeem button above to do so!


You can start profiting with Forex Striker RIGHT NOW!

Instead of charging $1,499 which we easily could, given the fact that Forex Striker is the MOST POWERFUL FX Robot on the market, we decided to PROVE it.

We will give you access to the most advanced Forex trading tool on the planet for only $147 one time!

Thats right.. you will NOT have to pay $1,499 but only $147 one time and that’s all..

As you will make a ton of profits every month, it will be easy to cover the price of Forex Striker.

Are you insane? Why do you make it so cheap?

Simple. WE KNOW that Forex Striker will perform and deliver more than enough money to us. WE WANT you to enjoy the same kind of profits we will be enjoying and make it AFFORDABLE to you.

There is however a bigger reason WHY WE NEED AND WANT YOU TO MAKE MONEY!

In fact, we made a deal with our brokerage of choice MyFXChoice to give you a 15% bonus on your deposit and in turn earn a percentage of your profits.

Them and us have a very big interest that you trade with profits because that is how profits for them are produced too.

THIS is the reason why we sell Forex Striker at this insanely low price. We know we have outdone ourselves and are proud of our creation but the more profits YOU make the more we will make…

So everyone here at Forex Striker and also at the brokerage MyFXChoice has a big interest in making you money and doing everything that is needed to make you succeed amassing insane amounts of cash.

It is a WIN-WIN situation…

And because of this deal you will recieve STELLAR support from our side and also from the brokerage.

NOTE: You are free to choose any brokerage you like to trade Forex Striker with!

There are no restrictions whatsoever! This is just an extra bonus 🙂


Forex Striker, the FIRST Forex robot that works for everyone*

*Definition: everyone means that over 98% of the betatesters are in profit while 2 % have not installed / funded properly, not followed the setup instructions, or just started out and picked a potential loss trade (Forex Striker makes 2 loss trades in a row while making 8 winning trades in a row on average)

The developers of this expert advisor claim that it is the first product of its type to achieve the prestigious status of being patented by the US Patent and trademark Office. Documented evidence is provided on the company website located at They proceed to promote other impressive features about their product such that it has recorded a win-to-loss ratio of slightly over 88% for all the positions traded since 2006.

Who exactly developed this tool and what are their relevant qualifications? A team of eight professional designers created the ForexStriker utilizing skills that some of them acquired producing other major well-known Forex robots, such as the GPS Forex Robot, Forex Megadroid and the EA FAP Turbo. Whether this experience is really impressive or not is somewhat debatable as the performance of some of these expert advisors is nothing to write home about.


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