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If You Had a Way of Getting Your Business

on the First Page of Google

My Business Wouldn’t You Try It?

…Well, take five minutes, RIGHT NOW, and read every word on this page, because I’m about to tell you how you can get your business listed on the first page of Google My Business.


Let me give you 4 reasons why you must register your company on Google + Local today….

Internet search engines are rapidly replacing the yellow pages as a way of finding local businesses
Google is the largest search engine, with 4 times more local searches than its next closest competitor, Bing
Google My Business listings are very visible. They exhibit the company’s business phone number and get a much higher response rate than the “generic” listings below them


Local list searchers are serious shoppers, and as many as 85-90% of people calling in from a local listing will do business with the owner

Listen to what business owners are saying about the business they got from their local listings.

“…I got a lot of first place listings on Google My Business, and I’m making a quarter of a million dollars a year,”….. Small Town East Coast Photographer

People are making thousands of dollars, from top listings on Google My Business, and now you can learn how to get your business a first page listing FOR FREE!

Today I’m prepared to teach you TECHNIQUES that will allow you to see your business listed on the first page of Google My Business

And It Won’t Cost You a Penny!

It took me a year to learn how to submit clients and get their company to come up on the first page of Google. Over the next year, I learned to perfect my technique. When I started submitting, my success rate was 80-90%; now, I get virtually all of my clients listed on the first page of Google My Business on some of their keywords.

Clients Speak: A #1 Pest Control – First Day, “20 minutes after I finished the Google submission, the phone rang, it was someone wanting my services. When I asked him how he found me, he said he found me on Google! The average income from each exterminating job is $ 95.00 – $250.00+


Is this really going to make a difference in my business?

Google is the largest Internet company in the world; when they rank a company on the first page of their listings, for a product or service, people take note. When your company comes up on the FIRST PAGE of the Google results, an eager buyer will be face to face with your phone number. so get ready to do a little internet work right now, and get ready to begin answering your customer phone calls when your ranking appears.

What is the Value of this Service for You?

If you’re a wedding photographer, each job is worth $750.00 – $3,000.00 cash into your pocket. If you’re a personal injury attorney, a single phone call can lead to a multi-million dollar settlement. If you’re a builder, a single phone call may net you a $60,000.00 building or remodeling job. A mover can easily pull in $2,000 – $4,000 from a single phone call coming in from his Google Places Listing. No wonder, you’re competing with 1,000 -10,000 or more businesses to get your company’s listing onto the coveted first two pages of Google! , and now I am about to tell you how you can beat them all.

So what is this service worth to you? The answer is far more than the 800.00 many professional companies are asking. Today, however, I am going to let you get your hands on a powerful compact  eBook, which will show you in a few minutes how to put your business on the first page of Google Places FOR FREE. The eBook won’t cost you $400.00 or even $100.00; both reasonable fees for this valuable information. I’m going to let you have instant online access to this valuable tract for only $49.95, And if you act fast, and are one of the first 100 buyers, I will take off another 20.00 and give it to you for $29.95,  and that’s $29.95 that will come back to you when you get your first customer, and after that every additional customer will be all profit for you, because unless you violate their policies, Google won’t routinely take your listing DOWN!


What Are the Benefits to You?

When you go to sleep tonight, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your business is headed towards the first page of the largest search engine in the world. In the future, when a potential customer makes a search on Google for one or more of your valuable services, your business name and phone number will come up on the GOOGLE search results, and it will be easy for that customer to pick up the phone and call you. A month or two from now, a year or even two years from now, long after you have paid off the small cost of this eBook, you will be seeing a steady stream of jobs coming to you from your listing, which is not routinely taken down, and which doesn’t need to be resubmitted every 1-2 weeks as with Craig’s list. The first listing I submitted to Google My Business continued to rank on page one for more than 2 years.

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