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Fat Loss Factor Review

The book explains why diets typically fail.  When your body goes into starvation mode, your metabolism slows down to a snail’s pace anticipating famine.  This response will make it quite difficult to lose weight.  The worst is that your muscle is the first to go.Why it’s important to rid the toxins from your body (pg. 15)?  Here they give a liver cleanse recipe and explain why it’s so important to start your FLF diet with your liver performing at peak.They get you to focus on eating foods with high thermic effects to boost your metabolism. These are things such as proteins and fibers containing complex carbs.Fiber 40 for Life.  The FLF will get you onto a 40 grams of fiber per day. They define the difference between soluble and non-soluble fiber and what foods are represented. You get the top 10 list for fiber foods.

They stress ths importance of eating protein and give good and bad protein sources. Also FLF goes into why you should consume organic chicken, turkey, salmon and tuna. Farm raised meats contain too many unhealthy omega 6 fats.

Why are fats important (pg. 49)? They supply insulation for organs, transport fat soluble vitamins, assist with mineral absorption, fat mobilization, slows carb absorption makes you feel full. Here they give a list of which fats to use and ones to avoid.

FLF 15 Foods For Maximum Weight Loss (pg. 50-57).  Yes, you guessed it.   The book goes into detail of what foods to include into your diet to lose the most weight and why they work.  Wonderful…  They also list the FLF 15 worst foods guaranteed to gain weight.

Why are smoothies not only good for you, it saves much time (pg. 65). These will replace your cravings for sweets with raw nutrition.

What should you look out for when reading food labels (pg. 73)? The food industry isn’t your friend.  Here the FLF dives into why you need to read the food labels and what to avoid.

Why eating breakfast is not the most important meal and why you get so hungry (pg. 78)?  Can skipping breakfast actually help with fat loss? The FLF lays out an alternate meal plan as opposed to that carb-laden breakfast most of us consume.

Now we get into the FLF diet plan step by step (pg. 82).  After all the discussion from the first 80 pages, they put it all together in an easy to follow plan.  They lay out three FLF weight loss plans depending how aggressive you are.  Since I’m a chicken, I choose the “Steady Weight Loss” plan.  They give color coded graphs to know what you’re doing each day.

Now, how to make best use of water to wash away fat (pg. 91). The book discusses the importance of drinking water and how much to consume.  Wow, I didn’t know that I require so much water and also to use lemon for cleansing.  the more water, the more fat you lose.

The top 12 supplements for healthy weight loss (pg. 94). I have to say, these make some good sense. They even give sources for how to obtain the very best supplements.

Ahh finally they get to exercise (pg. 101). They go into the top reasons people don’t exercise and how to get around them.  We are raised in a “fast food” society and to expect results right away.  If it will take some time, we give up right out of the gate.

Reasons why you should exercise listed for you here (pg. 106). Did you know that exercise can boost your weight loss by 1000% and energy level by 300%? Muscles actually burn fat all day. Did you know that just one pound of muscle can burn 40-120 calories per day?

Did you know that it’s important to remove stress to lose fat (pg. 120)?  If you’re constantly under stress, you just won’t get the fat loss you desire.  Get into a healthy mindset. Here they layout three stress reducing activities to help you reduce stress and get into the right frame of mind.

Now learn how to turn your program into a lifestyle (pg. 133). After all, what good is a fat loss program if it is only a passing fad?  Weight management is more difficult than weight loss.  What lifestyle tips can you use to help you maintain your new you? The FLF lays out principles to follow to help you maintain your new look.

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