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DIY Chicken Coops Discount – SAVE $10

Advantages of Building Your Personal Coop

1. Many Ready-Made Coops Really are a Complete Rip-Off!

Many “ready-made” coops are shipped or offered for you flat-packed–simply cheap wood cut right dimensions and hardware to place it altogether.

2. You Select the fabric

Should you construct your own chicken house you choose top quality materials out of your local building supply store rather of having to pay reasonably limited for ready to use coops built from low-quality material.

3. Build the right Coop For Your Requirements

When building your personal coop you’re able to develop a coop that meets your requirements. Desire a coop that’s appropriate just for 2 chickens? Require a full-sized chicken condo that may hold 25? Not a problem! You are in control.

Here’s what you’ll receive in my opinion “DIY Chicken Coops”

  • 10 complete chicken house plans. All you need to develop a great searching chicken house (many different sizes of coops incorporated). Practically Nothing Overlooked!
  • 100 pages of tips and building basics
  • 349 step-by-step, simple to follow illustrations
  • Also incorporated within the book:
  • No sweat, no brainer methods for getting enough space to operate an excellent coop.
  • Just beginning off? Take it easy. The whole chicken house process is included here from how you can manage water, heating and odors and space.
  • The sure method of getting all of the set-up done correctly before getting began. Covers from getting a proven method, constructions site, wood, paint and safety safeguards.


Here’s an extract of the items you will find inside

  • Page 20: The perfect coop for that beginner. You are able to build that one for under $100. It’s not only cheap-it appears fantastic.
  • Page 40: Have you got 1 to 5 chickens and therefore are searching for any really convenient chicken house to construct and keep? Browse the ‘Cluck Carrier’ on-page 40.
  • Page 50: ‘The old shack’: if you are searching for simple cleanup and transportation where your chickens can wander freely…Browse the ‘old shack’ on-page 50.
  • Page 70: ‘The Mobile Coop’ Perfect for those who have 5 chickens plus and when you wish to maneuver the coop easily to various locations.
  • Page 88: ‘The Chicken Hut’: this coop is made to fill every necessity of your chicken. Quick access, easy cleaning, will enable your chickens roam about.
  • Page 112: ‘The Gambrel Chicken Shed’: that one is ideal for those who have advanced level woodworking skills. Should you buy this coop it might set you back around $5000. Place it along with my plans for under $1000.
  • Page 139: ‘The Chicken Condo’: the very-obvious home windows of the condo design provide your hens maximum comfort and you may discover their whereabouts instantly. There is also quick, quick access to eggs and also the spacious attached run gives your chickens room to roam freely.
  • Page 148: ‘The Chicken farmer’: that one stands up to 50 chickens. Clever design reduces work and cleanup time. Plus you receive large doorways that enables for spacious exit and entry. It is $5000 like a package however, you can take shape it in the plans at a lower price the $1000.
  • Plus a lot more…

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