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Introducing BlogHatter …

You’ve heard the term black hat? It refers to those underground, borderline illegal or just plain illegal techniques and programs that the “bad guys (blackhatters)” use to make a financial killing online.

Well, let me assure you there is nothing illegal about BlogHatter … though people who don’t own the program are sure to start screaming that it must be illegal once they start seeing the profits it produces.

So what exactly is BlogHatter?

It’s a cutting-edge software program that allows users to create high-quality semi-autoblogs in a mere matter of minutes.

The simple truth is thanks to this incredible software program it has never been easier to create passive-income-producing blogs that contain images, relevant videos, high-quality content and much more!

BlogHatter is NOT a Black Hat Tool … It Just Produces Black Hat Results (i.e. Tons of Cash)!

Just look at what BlogHatter v3 can do!

  • Create high quality semi-autoblogs using the most used blog platforms: (which is free) and
  • Create your posts manually or Import Private Label Rights articles
  • Quickly “modify” copy using the synonyms replacement tool
  • Rearrange the order of your PLR articles with the simple click of a mouse!
  • Schedule your blog to automatically update … while you go on vacation or spend the day with your family!
  • Improve the perceived quality of your blog by importing images and video! Search and import images from  
  • Search and import video from
  • Create great blogs in languages other than English using the embedded translation utility
  • Great support: talk directly with me, the software developer
  • Add or Remove any kind of text or script to any of your posts
  • Make REALLY UNIQUE content using TheBestSpinner API . You don’t have TheBestSpinner? I’ll offer you a special price!
  • Build content using Article Builder API .
  • Build content using BigContentSearch API .
  • New membership forum BlogHatter Users Community with video tutorials and much, much more…
  • Need more professional performances from BlogHatter? Well, then you need the Black-Hat plugins…But, sorry! These functionalities are not included in the standard package: they are really explosive and will be available only to few lucky BlogHatter customers. Get BlogHatter now to know more!

Finally, You’ll Have at Your Fingertips All the Tools You Need to Make a Financial Killing Online!

As I mentioned earlier, one of the main drawbacks of standard autoblog software is the poor content they produce.

But with BlogHatter you won’t have to worry about that as this powerful software program will allow you to easily import high-quality PLR articles and you can even “rewrite” the content using the software’s synonyms and replacement tool, or using TheBestSpinner API, or loading content using TheArticleBuilder or TheBigContentSearch… or translate the content into another language using the embedded translation utility.

Just think of all the different markets this amazing little translation utility will allow you to tap into!

BlogHatter also allows you to schedule exactly when content will be posted to a blog and you can even shuffle the sequence of PLR articles.

So Are You Beginning to See Just How Powerful & Convenient This Software Really Is?

I certainly hope so!

With BlogHatter you can start creating your own, mega-profit-producing blogs INSTANTLY – and to make money with them you WON’T need:

Any Internet experience
Any business experience
Any web design experience
Any copywriting experience

That’s right, this is your chance to get your very own Blog Money-Making Machine – and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get started or take years of trial and error to begin making the profits you dream about.

No, this software is a simple, “plug-and-play” system that anybody can start using IMMEDIATELY to make HUGE profits online!

It doesn’t matter if you are an “Internet newbie” who doesn’t know the first thing about writing blogs or making money on the Internet … or if you are an experienced Internet marketer or blogger who has never been able to make anywhere near what you imagined you would when you first started out … this software will work for anyone!

In Today’s Fast-Paced World, Who Has Time to Write Several Money-Making Blogs … And Who Has the Money to Waste on Standard Autoblog Software That Just Plain Doesn’t Work?

With BlogHatter, you – and numerous people just like you – are no longer confined to just dreaming about a making money from blogs …

…Now you can turn those dreams into reality – faster and easier than you probably ever dared hope possible!

You can!At last, there’s a proven, simple-to-use software program that will allow you to create semi-autoblogs that send profits pouring into your bank account … no matter what your experience level!

Ready to Make Money Without Spending All of Your Time Creating or Posting Blog Content?

Posting an article to your blog can take a long time. You have to log in to WordPress or, then you have to paste the copy in the right places, select the right categories, select a publishing time, etc.

And if you are creating your own content the process gets even longer.

It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out. But with BlogHatter all that work is done automatically so you can do other things … like grow your business, pursue a hobby or spend more time with your family!

And remember, you don’t have to be a “techie” to use BlogHatter, this software is so simple a fifth-grader could use it – and you’re smarter than a fifth-grader aren’t you 🙂 ?. The truth is with BlogHatter you really do not need to know any technical “stuff” about blogs, RSS or any of the latest, cutting-edge technologies.

With BlogHatter, you just use its simple interface to feed your blog with hot, fresh, keyword targeted content that will interest visitors and please the search engines.

Making Money on the Internet Has Never Been This Easy!

Yet despite this fact, hundreds of people, filled with fantasies of striking it rich, launch Internet businesses each day and each day hundreds of people see their dreams crushed as their businesses crash and burn.

Some studies indicate that as many as 9 out of every 10 new Internet business owners fail within their first year. Why do they fail?

Because they don’t use the right system, plain and simple.

But now thanks to BlogHatter – it doesn’t have to be that way, not for you and not for anyone else.

And here’s another thing, thanks to BlogHatter you don’t have to have a college degree or years of low-paying experience to succeed online either. Now anyone can make money with blogs provided they use BlogHatter.



Getting This Software Will Put You Squarely on the Fast Track to Success!

BlogHatter contains the features that will save you time and money and that make creating profit-producing blogs “child’s play.”

Now you’ll be able to automatically update your blogs with hot, fresh, attention-grabbing content that will increase your traffic, your sales and your profits!

And remember the software’s embedded translation utility will allow you to take advantage of growing foreign PPC markets by translating content into other languages with a simple click of your mouse!

So How Much Would You Expect to Pay for a Software Program That You Can Use to Explode Your Online Earnings & Start Living the Wealthy Lifestyle You’ve Always Dreamed About?

Certainly, even hundreds of dollars would not be unreasonable to many considering the amount of pure profit that can be made with this software.

However, I still remember what it was like when I first got started on the Internet. I remember how I desperately wanted to start my own business but I couldn’t really afford it other than by running my credit card debt up even higher than it already was – a dangerous proposition in any economic climate, but especially in today’s.


Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Be Able to Do With BlogHatter…


Eliminate all the “hard work” that comes with posting content to a blog
Schedule your blog to automatically update … while you go on vacation or spend the day with your family!
Translate content into other languages and begin to tap into growing foreign PPC markets!
Update your blogs faster and easier than ever before!
Start using BlogHatter immediately thanks to its “plug and play” simplicity!
Rearrange the order of your PLR articles with the simple click of a mouse!
Rewrite PLR content and ensure its “fresh” in seconds with the software’s synonyms and replacement tool!
Improve the perceived quality of your blog by importing images and video
And much, much more!

Why work at a lousy job the rest of your life only to make someone else rich if you don’t have to …

Why struggle with making ends meet when there’s a better way …

… When there is a tested, proven software tool like BlogHatter available to you?

Think about this:

If you could do something that let you stay home and work your own hours, less hours in fact, and make MORE money, wouldn’t it make sense to jump on that opportunity?

Why be bossed around by a group of tightwad managers when you can be the boss?

Why fret, and stress out about your job and its responsibilities when you can be captain of your own ship in something a lot more solvent – your own Internet blog business?

Listen, the Internet is only getting BIGGER and blogs are only getting more and more POPULAR.

That’s why many are saying blogging is destined to become the ’21st Century Gold Rush’ and those people who grab a piece of the action now — could be poised to be the next “big name” online company of tomorrow.

So don’t delay … order BlogHatter today & ensure your blogging success tomorrow!

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