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Let me ask you the following questions…

  • “Do You Want a Passive Income, That Puts Money into Your Bank Account Even While You Sleep?”
  • “Do You Want to Make Money in an Ethical Way that Creates Good Karma?”
  • “Do You Want A FULLY AUTOMATED System that takes Just 7 Minutes to Set Up and Continues Pumping Money into Your Pocket For The Rest of Your Life?”

If you answered YES to ANY of the above I have good news for you. You’re about to discover…

the secret to creating totally passive income streams that last forever (in Minutes!)


I blew thousands on advertising and never sold a thing. Then I had an amazing idea that changed my life.

Up to this point I’d been doing exactly the same as every one else. I was sending out emails, placing adverts and paying for Adsense to try to convince people to buy something.

Getting People to buy something is hard
but giving something away for FREE is easy

I decided to give people free ebooks. Each book included my affiliate links to related products. Every time a reader purchased a product I earned a commission.

The first book was about hypnosis. I included my affiliate link for a popular hypnosis course in the back and then just gave it away.

This was a genius move! Every person I gave the book to had the opportunity to purchase the course…. and LOTS of them did! I made $97 for every sale and…

Within 1 month, 12 people bought the course earning me a whopping $1,164.00 in commission!Just for giving away a free book!

Giving away books that are branded with your affiliate links is a very powerful way to make money.

Here’s how it works…

You give away a free book. People read the book and want to find out more. They click on your affiliate links… and you get paid!

The moment you unleash a new book it becomes an automatic income stream that lasts forever

The more people that read your books, the more money you make. So it’s a good idea to allow your readers to pass them on. If each reader shares your book with 3 friends, once this has happened 10 times over, more than 177,000 people will have read your book.

Your books can pass through an unlimited number of people. When any of them buy anything, you get paid!

Everyday I make money from books I stopped giving away years ago

That’s what I love about this system… You unleash a book today and it instantly becomes
a fully automatic and totally passive income stream that lasts forever!

Imagine… multiple streams of income automatically flowing into your account from every new book you unleash.

It feels good, doesn’t it?

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

How to transform income streams into raging rivers of abundance!

When I discovered this secret I felt like King Midas!

With absolutely no more effort, you can transform every book you give away into a virtual cash machine that pumps more and more money into your pocket every single week.

This is how it works…

Remember the hypnosis book that makes $97 per sale? Well that book also invites readers to sign up to a membership program.

When readers sign up to the program you get half of their membership fee for life.


That’s $9 every month for Every Member!

This incredible passive income comes from just one product in one book. Imagine how much money you will make when you give away hundreds of books like this!

Giving away free books is a VERY effective way to make lots of money. But before you can start… you need some books!

When I started doing his I used to write the books myself. Boy was that a slog! I definitely don’t recommend it. As soon as I was making money I began paying people to write books for me. I now have a professional team of ghost writers that produce a steady stream of quality ebooks for me to give away.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to write books, or pay anyone to do it for you, because…

I provide you with a brand new
book to give away every single week!

Each book you unleash creates a passive income stream that automatically pumps cash into your pocket for the rest of your life!


Before you can give away your books, you have to brand them with your affiliate links.

Until now, branding books has always been a complicated and lengthy process. You have to install special software and create a ‘branding file’ for each book you give away.

I give away LOTS of books, so I needed an easier and quicker way to brand them. I also use a Mac and every piece of ‘branding software’ I could find only worked on a Windows PC.

I had to develop my own system from scratch.

I spent years developing my system and it’s totally unique. You don’t have to install any software so it works on any computer (Mac, Windows or Linux and even iPads and Smart Phones) But most exciting of all, it’s 100% automatic!

My revolutionary system brands all of your books for you completely automatically – Every book is ready to make you money immediately!

I’ve been branding ebooks for years and I’ve never ever seen another system like this!

How I came up with the system…

Branding ebooks with affiliate links is nothing new. Thousands of people are already doing exactly this… But they’re doing it the hard way!

What I’ve created is a fully automated system that does all of the work for you.

I started giving away branded ebooks in the summer of 2002. By March of 2003 my passive income had grown so large that I was able to quit my regular job as a mortgage advisor.

Now my income just keeps on growing
I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to!

When I quit work I wanted to share my success with my friends. I tried to teach them how to copy what I was doing, but they couldn’t do it!

Back then I did everything manually. I had to source content for each book, find suitable programs to promote, brand links, design covers, ftp files and host download servers.

None of my friends could do any of this. That’s why I created this system.

Everything is 100% automated

  • You get a fresh book every single week! – Every book opens up a new income stream. after just 1 year you’ll have 52 separate income streams. each one automatically pumping cash into your pocket!
  • Viral Income No matter how many people share your books! – You make money every time a reader buys something from one of your books, even if you didn’t give them the book directly!
  • Repeat Commissions that Could Last a Lifetime! – When people sign up to membership programs, you get paid over and over again… for as long as they remain a member (which could be for life!)
  • Every Book is Ready to Make You Money NOW! – Every book is ready to make you money immediately. My unique system brands your books completely automatically before you even download them!
  • Nothing to Install – Works on ANY System – Because I brand the books for you, there’s nothing to install! This system works on any computer, even tablets and smart phones!
  • Professional Stunning ebook covers Done For You! – My team design professional graphics for your book covers so they look fantastic
  • Designed to go viral! – Your books are designed to go viral, reaching tens of thousands of people! Carrying your profit pulling affiliate links with them!
  • Never Pay for an ebook again! – If a book takes your fancy, download it for free! We have books on all kinds of subjects… such as ‘How to Hypnotise People’, ‘How to Date any Girl’ or even ‘How to develop a Millionaire Mindset’

Introducing Our Unique ‘Set-and-Forget’ System (AKA Auto-Pilot Income!)

What YOU do…

  • Follow a simple step-by-step 7 minute video. That’s it… You don’t have to do anything else ever! Nada… nothing… zilch!

What WE do…

  • We supply you with a brand new book every single week
  • We design great covers so that your books look amazing
  • We brand your books with YOUR affiliate links
  • We upload your books to your kick-Ass website (That we supply for you!)
  • We automatically promote YOUR website on your favourite Social Media Websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg and many more!
  • We invite newsletter subscribers to download your latest books Every Single week
  • Every week… we do it all again!

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