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I went to The New York Times website to show you the current date the video was recorded. You can see it was exactly 1 week after I published the book.

Not only was I able to achieve those results in 1 week, with no advertising or email list of any kind, but I was able to do it with 0 reviews, contrary to what some of the “Kindle gurus” will say.If you fully analyze the top ranked books and reverse engineer the aspects that they excel in, you can rank highly without a single person reviewing your book.

With AK Elite, you’ll be able to quickly and easily find niches and specific topics to write books on. Book topics that have low supply and a very high demand.

You’ll be able to quickly and automatically analyze the various aspects about each of the top ranked books, to see why they’re ranking where they are, and how to 1 up and outrank them. AK Elite can analyze hundreds of pages per minute, so you don’t have to spend hours to days analyzing everything manually. In most cases, the amount of Kindle book data that it would take a person hours to manually analyze, AK Elite can do in less than 1 minute!


And once your Kindle books start to rank in Amazon for your keywords, you’ll want to monitor your progress so you can see how the amount of money you make is directly related to where you’re ranked for those keywords.

With AK Elite, you’ll be able to automatically monitor your rankings for an unlimited number of keywords and books!

We’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars developing AK Elite. It’s been almost a year in development and it’s directly responsible for the amount of money I’m currently earning every moth from the Amazon Kindle store.

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