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Overview of 5 Day Sales Machine

5 Day Sales Machine is a new automated selling system based on Frank Kern’s ‘4 Day Cash Machine module which was included as a bonus in his Mass Control marketing course. Frank Kern created a marketing system based on the powerful psychological principle of SCARCITY.

Master marketers have long known the power of scarcity to persuade people to buy now. 5 Day Sales Machine takes Frank Kern’s Mass Control concept, completely automates the process, and adds a graphical countdown timer to intensify the urgency in your special offer.

5 Day Sales Machine consists of 4 main parts. They are the Smart Countdown Timer Software, 2 Smart Templates, the Quick Start Training Videos, and the Bonus Bundle.



Smart Countdown Timer Software

The Smart Countdown Timer Software is the heart of the 5 Day Sales Machine. This software tool is easily uploaded to your server and vividly injects the scarcity into your promotions. Once installed, the software automatically adds a graphic countdown timer to your offer page that is completely integrated with your email software.



2 Smart Templates

The 2 Smart Templates provide an offer page and an expiration page that integrates with your countdown timer to flawlessly manage your time-sensitive special offers. The countdown timers on your landing pages will synchronize perfectly with your email automatically.


Quick Start Training Videos

No need to hire expensive techies to setup your 5 Day Sales Machine promotions. The Quick Start Training Videos take you step-by-step through the process of installing the software and setting up the special offer and expiration pages for your marketing campaign. The entire process takes less than one hour.

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